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Sponsors UEFA EURO 2016 France

Sports Sponsorship for tire brands.

Formula One F1 sponsors & partners. 2015 Season.

As every year i´ve tried to publish all about the circus of Formula 1 and brands around .   See post 2013 and other new deals of 2014. From official partners and providers of the Championship, as title sponsors of GP´s, till the full list of sponsors of the teams in a graphic image. GLOBAL PARTNER of Formula

Marc Marquez Tv commercial. Sponsors and Partners. World Champion 2014


Just a few days to start FIBA World Cup, these are brands around the different National Teams in their way to GLORY. For the first time i´ve created a visual infography – hope you´ll find it attractive and mainly useful. This picture completes the analyis of FIBA World Cup and FEB (Spanish Federation) sponsors advertising

FIBA WORLD CUP SPAIN 2014 – Sponsors & Partners

From World Cup to WORLD CUP… from Brasil2014 to SPAIN2014… from football to BASKETBALL… the most important event, for the first time in Spain (august – september). I´ve tried to analyse brands around FIBA (International Federation) and our National Team – FEB (Spanish Federation). Sponsors FIBA World Cup. 1.- Presenting Partner = Beko. Turkish appliances company

Hyundai – Sponsoring activation World Cup Brasil2014

(Español) Marcas del Motor. Otra guerra en el futbol

Case study: Intel Corporation new sponsor of FC Barcelona

Messi Vs Cristiano. Brands and sponsors 2013-2014

This year the combat between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi for winning FIFA Ballón d´Or, is more representative. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a good boy and a better team player so it´s leading the race… But there is another race between the two cracks: PERSONAL SPONSORS … a never ending list of brands that endorse players
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