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(Español) Dakar 2015. Análisis Twitter y Audiencias Teledeporte TVE.

Social Media official profiles of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona players

Coinciding with great “El Clásico” in season 2014 – 2015, which is likely to face those who are the 6 best strikers in the world, I wanted to gather information about them as their personal brand is concerned. BBC (Benzemá, Bale & Cristiano) against still no named Suarez, Neymar & Messi.  I think the key for the

Twitter profiles USA basketball women. FIBA World Cup Champions Turkey2014

Probably you wouldn´t know who they are… but they become World Cup Champions last sunday USA basketball Women – The female Dream Team and this are their twitter profiles where you can learn more about themselves…with  Maya Moore, MVP, as the Team Leader Player Twitter profile Tweets Followers Maya Moore (MVP) 1.297 129.960 Brittney Griner

Marc Marquez on Social Media: official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube…

Brasil 2014 Spain sponsors Ads

Top influencers and twitter profiles about sponsorship and sports marketing

A new section within my blog: Lists Ranking TOP Categories. The first list is the one more related to my daily work. . Top influencers, agencies,  experts, websites or magazines twitter profiles talking about Sponsorship and Sports Marketing. ———————————————————————————————————- UPDATE (16 july 20:00 h) As somebody asked me, i´ve tried to create a list with more specific

Report – Formula 1 Partners and sponsors. Season 2013

I am a Formula 1 supporter, and I had never managed to figure out a clear picture of all the official sponsors, partners or even associate brands. The purpose of this report is to solve that, or at least, try to do it; as you know, there are always contracts signed throughout the season, as well as


Social media & football clubes in Spain 2013 Report


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