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Sports Sponsorship for tire brands.

Marketing Manager – Director La Liga BBVA Spain

Case Study. Acciona sponsors 100% ecopowered car in Rally Dakar 2015

Yes treat it as Case study because, despite not be able to reach the end of the Rally, the project is ALREADY a succesful case in differente areas; R & D Research and Development, materials and applications of new renewable energy, engine, ecology…  but also in our world of Sponsosrship, Activation, Branded content, Storytelling. I’ve

(Español) Listado completo patrocinadores fútbol Liga BBVA.

FIBA WORLD CUP SPAIN 2014 – Sponsors & Partners

From World Cup to WORLD CUP… from Brasil2014 to SPAIN2014… from football to BASKETBALL… the most important event, for the first time in Spain (august – september). I´ve tried to analyse brands around FIBA (International Federation) and our National Team – FEB (Spanish Federation). Sponsors FIBA World Cup. 1.- Presenting Partner = Beko. Turkish appliances company

(Español) Torneos Categorias inferiores 2014. Blue BBVA, Danone Nations Cup, Copa Coca-Cola, Copa Lidl, Copa Samsung…

Hyundai – Sponsoring activation World Cup Brasil2014

Escort kids / Player Escort. Experience, Oportunity, Promotion or Carelessness?

Desde hace un tiempo estamos viendo como en los partidos relevantes aparecen junto a los jugadores un grupo de niños que desfilan de la mano de sus ídolos. Se ha convertido en una práctica más o menos comercial, que utilizan las marcas para explotar un patrocinio y dirigirse a padres y niños para captar su

Ford presents new Ford Mustang as UCL sponsor.

And they have choose the most important moment, UEFA Champions League semifinals between Atlético-Chelsea and Real Madrid-Bayern. There is a new design of Led´s ad (they were announcing the new Ford Tourneo van, that for sure it´s not Premium like UCL…). Furthermore we can see another reality, because now we can´t talk about it like

Brasil 2014 Spain sponsors Ads

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