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Messi Vs Cristiano. Brands and sponsors 2013-2014

This year the combat between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi for winning FIFA Ballón d´Or, is more representative. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a good boy and a better team player so it´s leading the race…

But there is another race between the two cracks:


… a never ending list of brands that endorse players as brand ambassadors or in advertising and spots to reach the biggest popularity.

Obviously Cristiano is the leader because of his fit, elegance, personality and his ability to carry brand values, better than Leo, who is shy and a really bad actor, what makes him less credible.

The principal fight is the one who involves Nike with CR7 and Adidas with Team Messi.  Note that one is brand ambassador of the opposite brand of their teams – Nike with Barcelona and Adidas with Real Madrid.

jugadores anuncio FIFA 2014 Messi Gareth Bale Sharaawy Lewandosky

Another big battle is about videogames Cristiano with PES = Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and Messi as image of FIFA 2014– by the way a really original ad, with players as  Bale, Chicharito Hernández – Manchester, El Shaarawy – AC Milan, Lewandowski – Borussia  and Tim Cahill -New York Red Bulls.

Not many time ago we saw as Bimbo changed Leo for Cristiano in its new campaign in latam._

And a few days ago we discovered new commercial from Cristiano with BES Banco Espirito Santo portuguese.

cristiano ronaldo banco espirito santo deposito españa anuncio

Other brands who endorse Cristiano: Castrol, sponsor of FIFA World Cup that surely will be present in next year with a big campaign during Brasil 2014. Other locala greements as in Argentina, where CR7 works for Clear (shampoo) or Toyota with Ilux in Thailand.

Leo Messi is brand ambassador of Pepsi, and Gatorade, that has signed as sponsor of Liverpool, Arsenal and F.C. Barcelona, just before #elclásico.

Pathetic tv commercial of Messi during launch campaign of WeChat, in Spain.

On the other hand we could see a good ad with Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant for Turkish Airlines last year with more than 105 million views in youtube… (I suppose 20% because of Leo and 80% because of Kobe), something that for sure makes Qatar Airways feel angry, even though Leo is part of its spot with FC Barcelona too.

messi smoking dolce gabanna 2013 fifa balon de oro 2012Fashion too is involved with the two players: Messi as image of Dolce & Gabanna, (The famous jackets and smokings of Leo during events like FIFA Golden Ball). Leo works as a model too for the newyorker brand StorkMan and their 2013 collection of shoes and complements.

Cristiano by his way has been image of Armani and Armani Jeans, and has just launched his own brand CR7 Underwear.

And also jewellery and watches is really closed to sport and big idols. Cristiano as image for Tag Heuer and Messi for Audemars Piguet.

Cristiano CR7 ambassador tag heuer watches Messi Audemars Piguet

There´s only one coincidence: both are image of Herbalife.

And a great land to conquer, The USA Market, as it´s said in this post in Forbes that will made the first be The Big Brand Ambassador.

The full list could be:

1 Nike Adidas
2 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 FIFA 14
3 Herbalife Herbalife
4 Banco BES Pepsi
5 Castrol Turkish Airlines (+Kobe Bryant)
6 Armani Jeans Samsung Galaxy Note 3 y Gear
7 CR7 Underwear WeChat
8 Jacob & Co (watches) Audemars Piguet (watches)
9 BIMBO (Mex) Gatorade (Chile)
10 Clear (Arg) H&S (Arg)
11 Toyota (Thai) StorkMan (shoes)
12 Mobitto (app mobile Ptgal) Ooredoo (mobile in Doha)

And how much money is this?????? about  21 MILLION €UROS / YEAR, (about 9 million is the contract from NIKE with Cristiano) add to about 20 – 23 million as their salary as football players. (Position 31 for Cristiano and 39 for Messi in Forbes 100 World most powerful celebrities)


The other area we used to consider in this blog is Social Media, another interesting battle, won by Cristiano, one of the TOP in Facebook and Twitter – although CR7 profile in twitter it´s managed by NIKE (processed by agency Social Noise); Messi hasn´t an official twitter profile yet.

cristiano ronaldo leo messi facebook twitter redes sociales

October 2013


 And now a resume of last spots, Tv commercial, advertisements from both of them: .


LEO MESSI, D. Alves, Ozil, Xavi, Suárez… – The Dream: all in or nothing -  2014 FIFA World Cup™  – adidas Football

CRISTIANO RONALDO – NIKE World Cup 2014 with Neymar Jr, Iniesta, Rooney, Ibrahimovic…

LEO MESSI on the road to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ – #FastorFail — adidas Football-

MESSI – Brand Ambassador Gillete. Spot with Roger Federer. #innersteel

MESSI – Kobe Byant commercial for Turkish airlines - The Selfie Shootout

MESSI – Anuncio FIFA 2014


CRISTIANO – Anuncio Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2013

CRISTIANO – Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2013

MESSI – PEPSI 2013-14

MESSI – Spot Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Official TVC – Messi’s Note “The Developer”

CRISTIANO – NIKE Football (Unstoppable CR7/Explosive speed/Brilliant skills) new shoes “out of this world”

MESSI – ADIDAS Football – new speed of light

MESSI – GATORADE (Chile) “Gana desde adentro” with Arturo Vidal player of Juventus Turín and Usain Bolt.




MESSI – D&G  DOLCE & GABANNA Milan Fashion week.


MESSI and Kobe Bryant – Spot Turkish Airlines 2012-13

CRISTIANO – Commercial Clear (Shampoo)

MESSI – WeChat Spain (Deal finished)

CRISTIANO – Spot Toyota HiluxVigo Champ Thailand

Hope you like this post. If you know any other spot or brand, please let me know.


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