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Report – Formula 1 Partners and sponsors. Season 2013

I am a Formula 1 supporter, and I had never managed to figure out a clear picture of all the official sponsors, partners or even associate brands. The purpose of this report is to solve that, or at least, try to do it; as you know, there are always contracts signed throughout the season, as well as some brands that are only interested in a certain Grand Prix. Furthermore, legal restrictions in the different countries, for example regarding alcohol and tobacco, must be taken into account.

After the analysis, I have come to the conclusion that most of the brands share the same ideas: leadership, excellence, innovation, technology, luxury, exclusiveness… but also teamwork, ability, resistance, passion, emotion, risk

All the above make Formula 1 a GLOBAL product. And that´s the way promoters refer to their sponsors “A Global Partner of Formula 1”.






No data


2015? (2013 for 3-4 years?)

No data

Fly Emirates

2018 (2013 for 5 years)

150 Mill € for 5 years

Tata communications

2017? (2012 for 4-5 years?)

No data


2015 (2010 for 5 years)

150 Mill € for 5 years


2015 (2013 for 2 years)

No data


2013 (2008 for 5 years)

10-12 Mill €/year

Mercedes Benz – AMG

from 1996

No data


from 2010

No data

G.H. Mumm

from 2002

No data

This season there are 2 new brands taking part of this play; that is, more economic resources, as well as more of that exclusivity and luxury mentioned above:

  • ROLEX, as Official TimePiece and the naming right for the Australian GP.
  • FLY EMIRATES, a further step within their global expansion strategy.

I´ve found this interesting video of sponsors Lotus E21 presentation . (Extended version 3:30 here)

After studying the global sponsors network in detail, we can divide them into several CATEGORIES.

- Automotive, of course, as engine makers. Infiniti with Red Bull, Mercedes Benz with their own team, Renault with Lotus, Fiat with Ferrari… big motor groups.

- Drinks specially energy drinks. Red Bull of course with their 2 teams, but also Coca-Cola´s Burn is currently sponsoring Lotus F1, as well as Monster that sponsors Mercedes AMG. On the other side, we also have TNT as a partner for Ferrari.

- Alcoholic Drinks. Force india is the most clear example. . Their cars have so many ads from this kind of official sponsor that almost look like pubs: Vladivar vodka, Kingfisher, Whyte and Mackay scotch whisky. Jhonnie walker is another historical brand with Lotus, and Tequila José Cuervo is with Sauber in order to their “mexican connection” (Carlos Slim)

- Oil companies, as oil suppliers as well as supporters for innovation and investigation. Petronas give the naming of Mercedes team, Shell with Ferrari or the Spanish brand CEPSA with Toro Rosso.

- Banks. Big international holdings or even Trading companies. Santander with Ferrari and McLaren, MIG with Mercedes or Astana as partner of Williams F1 Team.

- Watches & Jewellery. Most of the teams and drivers have one of these brands sponsoring them. That’s why ROLEX has just started to sponsor F1 teams. Casio with Red Bull, Tag Heuer with McLaren, Hublot with Ferrari (also official FIFA partner, as just seen in the Confederations Cup).

- Airlines. They don’t sponsor any specific team, but they sometimes give their name to the GP located within their origin country: . Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi or Gulf Air Bahrain. Qantas (Aus) has lost the naming of local GP, (Rolex) but it appears in some aids.

In this article of Expansión (march 2013) they show some amount of principals partners and sponsors of Formula 1 teams.

Amount of principal sponsorship contracts in Formula 1. Expansión march 2013

On the other hand, at the end of 2012, it was published the Tracking IOPE de Notoriedad de Patrocinio showed that Santander was in first place when talking about associate brands to Formula 1. Interesting data, taking into account that it is not an official partner, but…


  • Sponsor of 2 teams, Ferrari and McLaren,
  • Most popular drivers, Alonso and Hamilton + Button and Massa.
  • Naming + pódium of German and UK GP´s as strategical markets.
  • Extra Pack of branding aids in some circuits.

You can learn more about team’s and driver’s social media profiles by checking the full report.

  • Reb Bull Racing leader in Facebook, while Ferrari and McLaren do so in Twitter, with a higher number of followers.
  • Fernando Alonso is the King of Twitter followed by Hamilton and Button. On the other hand, Lewis is the one with more fans in Facebook (around 1.5 million).

Perfil oficial Fernando Alonso (alo_oficial) en Twitter

Clic here to get a list containg all teams and drivers:

Now that the first part of the season has gone by, it seems that we are starting to get a clear picture of what the classification may look like. Apparently only 3-4 drivers will be “fighting” for the Championship, even though Vettel and his Red Bull seem to be stronger than the others.

Time will tell!

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