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Ford presents new Ford Mustang as UCL sponsor.

And they have choose the most important moment, UEFA Champions League semifinals between Atlético-Chelsea and Real Madrid-Bayern.
There is a new design of Led´s ad (they were announcing the new Ford Tourneo van, that for sure it´s not Premium like UCL…).
Furthermore we can see another reality, because now we can´t talk about it like a fashion trend… how to use conventional advertising to promote SECOND SCREEN conversation and try to move interaction including #hashtag as a part of design .
atlético chelsea champions ford mustang publicidad
This is only a teaser, part of a great launch campaign of New Ford Mustang in Europe avaliable for the first time… and the best european football competition is the best speaker.
Brand announce that ther will be a great activation around Lisbon Final next  24 – 25 of May… as the end of their 21 years as UCL sponsor. See press-note Ford Mustang in Lisboa.
On 06/05/14 they have just share a new viral video, with the car at Da Luz Benfica´s stadium .

  • I´ve tried to monitor conversation this days, and i will try to check it next days during semifinal and the great FINAL.
monitorización menciones twitter hashtag #fordmustang campaña Ford Champions league
Even social media profiles impact …
perfil twitter fordspain españa mustang
We can see a small step up in Twitter followers of  Ford Spain, but not really at Ford Spain Facebook. The best results are the growth of global profile of Ford Mustang.
fanpage facebook ford españa mustangfanpage facebook ford mustang 2014
As a conclusion, it seems there hasn´t been a great result (as potentially possible),  probably because the hashtag should go with something more… Maybe with a Tv commercial in tv sponsoring or some kind of social media amplification:
    • Promoted Tweets,
    • Influencers of conversation around it,
    • Simultaneos activities in other platforms: facebook, web or even whatsapp or street marketing .
It´s also because of Led´s ad design… perhaps with a real photo of the car… in red…


Let´s see how do they finish the campaign and next steps, because they used to do good UCL FInal Activation last years:

Munich 2012:
London 2011:

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