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FIBA WORLD CUP SPAIN 2014 – Sponsors & Partners

From World Cup to WORLD CUP… from Brasil2014 to SPAIN2014… from football to BASKETBALL… the most important event, for the first time in Spain (august – september).

I´ve tried to analyse brands around FIBA (International Federation) and our National Team – FEB (Spanish Federation).

Sponsors FIBA World Cup.


1.- Presenting Partner = Beko.

Turkish appliances company is FIBA sponsor from 2009 – including Eurobasket and World Cup. Nevertheless they haven´t a big structure in Spain (spanish offices in Barcelona). Certainly this is a good opportunity to increase brand awareness. They have started by restyling the logo, no doubt is a good move – a modern font and the fact of changing capital to lower letter. In my opinion people in Spain don´t know what Beko is, so i´d keep the logo with “electrodomésticos” to increase the reconnaissance.

beko partner FIBA world cup España 2014 promoción electrodomesticos horno placa

Just a few weeks ago they annunced sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona – brand on tshirt… a strategic change that obviously will increase awareness – internationally and in Spain.

Online promotions – white and brown goods raffle.

As Event Partner, Beko has a great branding pack – combo logo in every communication materials head, meanwhile the full partners are in the strip. In addition Beko has some exclusive rights, as branding on the court (free throw circles), logo on mascot, or the interactive app MVF Most Valuable Fan, etc, etc.

Updated 25/08/14.

Beko HOME it´s a showroom and a mini-fanzone in Madrid.

Equipped with last appliances and Beko materials, at Ortega y Gasset nº 5, open from august 25th to september 13th, from 16:00 to 24:00.

A few weeks ago they have started to create more brand content about the World Cup on Twitter y Facebook, promoting the event and offering some prodcuts raffles to increase the conversation and buzz.

Also with the agency they have set-up a giant canvas at Puerta del Sol to increase international exposure(watch vídeo)

2.- Global Partners.

There are two differents two kinds of partners: commercial ones and technical providers – that block category from competitors and have license to sell official mercha – even though we can see some ambush from other as NIKE, with their ambassadors and National Teams such as Spain or USA.

  • Bwin, in their full strategy (futbol, motoGP…) the FIBA WOLRD Cup is a good touchpoint to strengthen betting business. At they fix all tickets raffle – following his Twitter profile and posting support messages including #Familiabwin.

Bwin has a prominenet presence in FIBA aids as Ranking Bwin FIBA , the Official App or Live Basketball Tv the online channel – doubtlessly really aligned whith its positioning of real time betting, multiscreen…

They have reach also an agreement with Rudy Fernandez to record him presenting the game analysis and posting on his social media profiles + Meet & Greet.

Dream seat Series. Poker online tournaments gives possibilities to win tickets for Spain games in Granada.

  • H&S Head & Shoulders. Procter & Gamble P&G brand, joins with only 12 days to World Cup start day. see FIBA press note. I dont think they have enough time to prepare a minimum activation or just some presence in Fanzones or Hospitality progammes for VIP clients.
  • tissot Quickster limited edition FIBA World Cup Spain 2014 watches

    Photo web FIBA

    Tissot has launched Tissot Quickster, a special FIBA World Cup edition (ver vídeo). Sad french brand ambassador Tony Parker doesn´t play!!!. furthermore Tissot was the first brand in activate th WC sponsorship setting up a countdown watch at Puerta del Sol in madrid in 2013.

  • Champion and Peak (shoes) will be the official clothes for staff (volunteers, referees, etc); Intersport is the official store and official licenser for merchandising, etc.
  • Molten – official World Cup ball, create a Road Show with a giant and inflatable ball around Spain according with Plaza 2014 city events and Ruta Ñ.

Moreover there are some social media campaigns to win free balls, – download one of this 6 wallpapers to share on Fb / Tw /Ins, using #realgame.

  • Additionally it´s SPAIN TOURISM that it´s obviously a institutional partner.

3.- Event sponsor. Caixabank, Endesa, Iberia and San Miguel 0,0.

  • Endesa, the main brand in spanish basketball, adding to their national strategy around basket with naming right of national League ACB – Liga Endesa.

Focus on  as the unique platform for all activities. With FEB they organised the national team presentation event at Endesa Headquarters. they also support some RSC initiatives, a campaign for children to #entregaelbalon to feel as a part of the World Cup; i´ve written about this “Escort Kids” - ver post)… Ever more Endesa has created a real easy concept event – “turn on the World Cup” lighting popular areas in 6 cities.

With the begining of competition ENDESA has launched an agressive campaign with a big media plan (tv + online). They use the come-on of 1 FREE year of electrical power if you have a child next year… if Spain wins, obviously… using historical data from 2010 with the goal of Iniesta…

and they have already announced their  Fanzones (Madrid Plaza de Colón) activities, and some courts activation too, that looks really interesting… and the most important, they announce the countdown for the closing ceremony event… with the picture it looks to be a 3D mapping on the court – enjoying with the concept of being “the world cup light” (seen on NBA - Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers).

Endesa fanzone evento clausura mundial basket spain 2014 Madrid

ENDESA logo is on pants of Spanish National team.


  • San Miguel, the main sponsor of FEB with logo on jersey.

Tv commercial with Pau and Marc Gasol + Ricky Rubio + Pau Ribas + Dani Díez

Tour ciudadano 00 San Miguel Pau Marc Gasol Ricky Rubio Copa del Mundo Baloncesto 2014

The most important activation comes from the Tour Ciudadano 0´0, where a blue ball as the olimpic torch, bounce by volunteers for a great Road show (5.200 km) around the 6 host cities and many others. The start event was in Madrid with Pau and Marc Gasol and ricky rubio has created a brand content showing how to bounce the ball in the right way. Cruzcampo the beer sponsor of football national team did the same in Southafrica 2010 with not a big ROI.

By the other hand they take advantege of the World Cup for a great promo, designing a special edition of products (tins with cities pictures + 1 tin with Pau and Marc Gasol images), including a special logo (the second 0 become a ball). In the website you change PINCODEs for mercha or free tickets.
latas San Miguel 00 edicion especial Pau Marc Gasol sedes Copa del Mundo Baloncesto 2014 promoción
  • Caixabank, with logo on the rear area of jersey.

Caixabank is the main promoter of the volunteers programme and supports FEB in many education and social RSC initiatives under “Obra social La Caixa”

But more over than branding they are trying to help their commercial network to increase consume or client attraction… Using spanish players and some well adaptted copies “te lo ponemos en bandeja“….

Caixabank La Caixa oficinas nomina patrocinador mundial baloncesto España 2014

Naismith trophy , The World Cup was at CosmoCaixa, with José Luis Sáez, FEB president.

Trofeo Naismith FIBA World Cup CosmoCaixa Madrid Caixabank

  • Iberia. Has created one platform to concentrate all their activities and with a strategical creative concept “show is in the air” – GREAT!!.
With Pau Gasol as brand image Iberia has a content for Tv and online – interview in front of a plane – any better photocal!!!, claim setting up making off. Communication Department of Iberia did it really well in the football World Cup, with the national team going to Brasil…
In the spot we can see a group of acrobatic freestylers that i suppose to be in some game or even at the Fanzone in Madrid at Plaza Colón.
The campaign includes commercial disccount of 15% for flying to a WC game.
Social media activities to engage people Follow + RT + raffle. Using hashtag #EspectáculoenelAire
Taking advantage of the dates Iberia has se up a big canvas on a building next to Palacio de los deportes at Plaza Felipe II. (fanzone photos España-Argentina).

4.- National Supporters.

  • BMW Official Car FIBA World CUP Baloncesto Spain 2014 coche oficialBMW, “official Car FIBA WC Spain 2014″ . It´s a strategic bet for a brand like this, never in this kind of big events, always focused with premium events (golf, padel…). FIBA has announced Toyota as a partner for the women World Cup Turkey 2014 (27 September-5 October).
  • Vodafone (see below)
  • Halcón viajes (official travel and hospitality packs agency),
  • Mutua Madrileña. An insurance company, with a very low activation programme, only some tickets at Facebook.
  • Sanitas. Official Medical Provider.


    5.- Other brands.

    Other kind of sponsors that join the World Cup to support the event communication in exchange of using Spain 2014 logo and some taxes benefits.

    • Martin Codax (official wine)
    • Oscar Mayer (Fanzones and BasketSquare partner)
    • Día  (supermarket).

    Serge Ibaka Oscar Mayer baloncesto España 2014




    Socios Patrocinadores Proveedores FEB Selección Baloncesto 2014

    1.- FEB Partners. San Miguel 0´0, Endesa, Caixabank y Vodafone. All of them sponsors of FIBA WC as a attached contract with spanis federation mainly for taxes benefits of event promotion.

    • Vodafone, had a great activation last Eurobasket 2013 and back with some really attractive initiatives.

    vodafone power to fans Grada inspiring FEB Selección Española baloncesto 2014

    A global platform POWERTOFANS, for communications and promotional activities, free tickets  Grada Vodafone, choose the top 5 players of FIBA World CUP and MVP, really focused on Bran content –  ”Basket Inspiring”  enterviews with some national celebrities like Jorge Garbajosa, Amaya Valdemoro… Statistics  (Opta sports),  videos on youtube channel… and the greatest innovation – broadcast Spain – Argentina “desde dentro” = “in the game” with referees on court with camera on board (They did it on 2013) … or even more the Musseum FEB with every pieces on digital platform, showing basketball´s begining  and history… deserve to watch it!

    Vodafone has also create the  Spanish National Team film, premier on august 26.

    2.- Sponsors. Adecco, Iberia, Caser Seguros y Danone.

    • Danone is on RutaÑ with some entertainment machines (see photo), some promotional activities at and with presence at trainig sessions with a relax area for players.
    • Adecco. Look for the Spain Community Manager,  from the trainig sessions to the great final. they also offer some free tickets with  hashtag #elcompañeromasgrande. Adecco + FEB gave some free tickets for unemployed people.
    • Caser Seguros. Only with Marc Gasol as ambassador, who used to assist to a present event at the beginning of training sessions, and the 2013 tv commercial.
    During Gira ÑBA 2014 there was a road show with entertainment and fan engagement. (see photos)

    3.- Providers.

    They are working in a little bit aggressive action, but thinking about their target it´s could works. Rudy appears in some videos before the games showing how he eat the opponent, using   #NosLosMerendamos
    • BMW  “Travel partnerof national teram”, with a huge emotional  tv commercial – not showing the product or price ¡NEWS!. The days before Ruta Ñ games FEb set the press conference at the BMW dealers.

    • SEUR - See website free tickets for Ruta Ñ games tweeting photos / videos with #AficiónSpain2014; furthermore the regular activation of fanzones with the concept “Centro de alto rendimiento de aficionados” = “fan high performance center”
    • Solán de Cabras. As a part of Mahou-San Miguel, it´s on press conference table, witn no communications about the WC.

I am going to analyze everything and create a post-event rapport..

Waiting for comments, ideas…

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