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4. REPORTS Archive

(Español) Patrocinadores y marcas LaLiga temporada 2018/19

Sponsors UEFA EURO 2016 France

(Español) Neumáticos. Un sector que apuesta por el patrocinio deportivo. (2 de 2)

Sports Sponsorship for tire brands.

2014 Tv rights in Spain. Football, Formula 1, Moto GP…

Brasil 2014 Spain sponsors Ads

Benchmark sponsors Liga BBVA, UEFA, FIFA…

(Español) Resultados y monitorización campañas Eurobasket 2013

Sponsorship Activation Plan Report: Spanish Basket National Team

Report – Formula 1 Partners and sponsors. Season 2013

I am a Formula 1 supporter, and I had never managed to figure out a clear picture of all the official sponsors, partners or even associate brands. The purpose of this report is to solve that, or at least, try to do it; as you know, there are always contracts signed throughout the season, as well as
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