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(Español) Dakar 2015. Análisis Twitter y Audiencias Teledeporte TVE.

Social Media official profiles of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona players

Coinciding with great “El Clásico” in season 2014 – 2015, which is likely to face those who are the 6 best strikers in the world, I wanted to gather information about them as their personal brand is concerned. BBC (Benzemá, Bale & Cristiano) against still no named Suarez, Neymar & Messi.  I think the key for the

Pau Gasol – Endorsement & Brand Ambassador. Tv commercial: NIKE, Banco Popular, San Miguel, Foundation…

Pau Gasol, one of the biggest Spanish sports national Heroes. Even he is a spanish basketball icon and a guide for those players who dream with NBA, he has became the perfect brand ambassador.  and i´m not going to talk about Titles or statistics, that you can read at  his web. Algo que sin duda

Marc Marquez on Social Media: official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube…

Best of 2013. Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

I´m sorry, see spanish version this time.

(Español) Septiembre el mes de Vodafone 4G

Top influencers and twitter profiles about sponsorship and sports marketing

A new section within my blog: Lists Ranking TOP Categories. The first list is the one more related to my daily work. . Top influencers, agencies,  experts, websites or magazines twitter profiles talking about Sponsorship and Sports Marketing. ———————————————————————————————————- UPDATE (16 july 20:00 h) As somebody asked me, i´ve tried to create a list with more specific

Report – Formula 1 Partners and sponsors. Season 2013

I am a Formula 1 supporter, and I had never managed to figure out a clear picture of all the official sponsors, partners or even associate brands. The purpose of this report is to solve that, or at least, try to do it; as you know, there are always contracts signed throughout the season, as well as



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