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Sports Marketer - Sponsorship, Consulting, Strategy and Tactics. Case Study. Acciona 100% Ecopowered car Rally Dakar 2015

Case Study. Acciona sponsors 100% ecopowered car in Rally Dakar 2015

Yes treat it as Case study because, despite not be able to reach the end of the Rally, the project is ALREADY a succesful case in differente areas; R & D Research and Development, materials and applications of new renewable energy, engine, ecology…  but also in our world of Sponsosrship, Activation, Branded content, Storytelling.

I’ve taken a look at the website and I love it. From simple design to organization and content, driver´s profiles,  car infographic (see below), timeline with all social platforms … Seamlessly integrates the brand, from the naming of the team – project, logo, URL and Acciona own section on the site …

Ecopowered electrical Car Acciona Dakar 2015 infography

But also the Project seems perfectly chosen … there are few things as visible and as global as the Dakar, the best rally in the world, the car race that everyone would run … perhaps the America’s Cup is something similar for its “universality” …

Because Acciona is a Spanish company, but their interests are further out of our country and offers “worldwide” services, therefore need to create a GLOBAL BRAND … something like what Banco Santander did with  Formula 1.

Had already conducted two other challenges, ACCIONA WINDPOWERED ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 90ºS in which a team of scientists ran Antarctica driven by a kite, and ACCIONA 100% ECOPOWERED: VENDÉE GLOBE CHALLENGE 2012 sailing, but I guess were much less newsworthy.

Expedition Acciona windpowered Antarctica and Ecopowered Vendee globe challenge

Even the protagonists of the challenge, look perfect. An adventurer Albert Bosch, and an engineer specialized in eco motorsport Agustín Payá. See biographies.

In addition to such a large company and a priori as “dinosaur”, the integration of social networks and the creation of value to the project through the generation and amplifying of content I think are an example of development and modernization.

Perhaps, for trying to bring something I miss, would include some kind of Experiences for stakeholders (employees, journalists, institutions) similar to what is done for example in La Vuelta (helicopter tour, visit the Box, Meet & Greet with cyclist) and above all a Social Project – RSC, some activity at the local level, in towns along the route (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile) that complete a 360º activation and that supported the image of the brand with local institutions.

Will continue to watch the project… and analyse the impact.

Good luck to pilots and Congratulations to managers!!

Rally Dakar 2015 Resume Map Argentina Bolivia Chile

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