AS A PERSON: I was born in Madrid, in my 30´s, happily married and proud father… sports fan in general, specially football … it´s a shame my knees didn´t allow me to keep playing…

AS A PROFESSIONAL: Marketing in the widest sense of the word… Sports marketer more exactly. Sponsorship and Communications Strategy Consultant could work as the “technical name”.

I created my own company when I was 24, then I worked for Vodafone Spain for some time, and for the last 5 years I’ve been working in a Mkt & Sponsorship Strategy Agency. Since I started working, I have done a little bit of everything… including working as the Marketing Director in a local Madrid team (C.D. Canillas)

Degree in Marketing and Business at ESEM – Escuela Superior de Marketing de Madrid. Master in Marketing Online and Digital Strategy at EAE Business School.

Problem solving, conceptualizer, I like to explain things to be easily understood … As the Spanish saying goes: “an image is worth more than a thousand words…”

Creatividad, buenas ideas, resolver

New ideas will come to your mind, some of them might bright more than others, but you must keep working on them, so that your own light will remain lit.

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